Thursday, 3 March 2011

Will it happen this time???

Well another season of ballooning has just begun in Great Britain and I have everything crossed that my planned balloon trip happens this time. I've tried several times before to have my trip but the weather has always gotten in the way. Wrong type of wind or it has been raining. Oh the joys of living in the UK!

I have booked my trip for Saturday morning, so a telephone call to check that the flight is still on is to be made on Friday night and then it will (hopefully) be up up and away in my beautiful balloon hahaha.

I'll keep you posted and show you the photos if I have any. Sunj is taking the video camera and wants to get some film of me ascending to the clouds - while I will to taking photos of him and the kids getting smaller and smaller haha.

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Karen said...

I have everything cross that it will go ahead this time my lovely! xxx