Monday, 1 August 2011

At last I've seen Harry Potter

Well I finally made it back to my blog - only been a few weeks from posting, sorry about that.

So the summer holidays have started and this is the beginning of the second week, phew that first week went quick!

Today my son and I went to the pictures, yes I know on a warm day like today too! But we have been itching to see the final part of the Harry Potter series of films and today just had to be the day. If you haven't already seen it then go, you won't be disappointed. We didn't realise we had been in the cinema for so long as the story had us gripped from the beginning.

All three actors in the lead roles were extremely good and I do hope they won't be type cast and have a long acting career. In my opinion this film was as good as the book and I can't recommend it enough. Go see it.

Bye for now. x


Janice said...

Wasn't it just fab? We were so tense at the end, it really was a thriller. Lovely to see you are enjoying your hols and that you are back blogging. X

Andria said...

It was awesome wasn't it. I wanted to stand up and clap when it had finished :).

Karen said...

er.....only just seen the 1st one hahahaaha!!!! Good to see you had some me time my lovely xxx

Queenie said...

Helloooo..waving at the screen furiously,lol!!{typed one handedly so i could carry it off hehehe}
Great to hear from you Tracey and ooooh Harry potter was so good we went over the hols too and loved it!!!
Might even go back and read the books again,lol!
Agree about time flying past..what has happened to this year?
Mmmmm strawberries yum yum yum..we have had strawbs at the allotment ..BUT...the mice have been nibbling them and leaving half eaten strawbs..we have even tried covering them..doesn`t work, ahh well hope they are enjoying them!!
Yours look deeelish,enjoy!!!
Trying to get back into crafting regular again as i have been doing sooo much baking this summer eeek i have put on weight..imagine that,lol...and when i craft i never nibble!!
Promise to be back soon.