Sunday, 14 August 2011


I'm back from my holiday in Marrakesh, Morocco and enjoying the cooler weather. Phew! was it hot, hot, hot!!!! Too warm for little old me. :( Say what you like about the British weather being too cold in Winter or Summer or Spring but I do prefer to be cold rather than hot. Anyway enough of my body temperatures lol ...... you want to see some photos don't you?

This is our hotel and every building in Marrakesh was painted this colour ...... good job I love orange tee hee

I found some shade and got my pens and notebook out and tried to copy the pattern on this table easier said than done . And believe me the heat in this little bit of shade was intense.

Our taxi guide took us to see some camels and of course Sunj had to ride one hahaha

but alas he didn't want to make that public :) Lawrence of Arabia he was not!!

And this is my favourite photo from our holiday the Jardin Majorelle - Yves St Laurant garden - I love the colours. Oh and the garden was really cool (that is cool as in temperature not slang for good! tee hee) as bamboo grew metres into the air and made a natural canope from the blazing heat from the sun.
I do feel I need to do something with this photo even if it is just get a poster print of it.


Janice said...

You don't look too unhappy. That blue is just gorgeous, you can feel the cool!

Kath said...

Those are good photos, Tracey. You will definitely need to scrap the last is gorgeous.

Gez said...

Fabulous pics.. I've always fancied a camel ride!.. the colours and tiles look incredible..glad you had a lovely time. We need more pics when you've time! Xxx

Kathy said...

wow - looks fab - I just adore the colours of Morocco - so vibrant, but with soft, washed out edges iykwim!

Karen said...

ooo you can tell its hot in the pics!!! Looks like you had a fab time but its a shame Sunj got an attack of shyness!!! xxx

Carol said...

awww Tracey it looks fab....did you and Sunj go on your own?

Looks like you had a great time xx

Net said...

Aw so that's what sunshine looks like!

It looks fab Tracey - come on show us Sunj on the camel.... you know you want to!

Caroline said...

Fab photos Tracey - Morocco looks lovely. Had a daytrip there once when we went to Tunisia!

Kaz said...

These are fab photos Tracey - I think I'd have wilted in the heat. I think you should do a journal page of the last photo with a background like the tiles.
It looks like you had a brilliant time xxx

tracy said...

ditto what kaz said about a journal page!!
lovely photo's tracey :)