Monday, 2 May 2011

Industrious Bank Holiday Weekend

Well it has been for us! No complaints about the British weather this weekend it has been wonderful yet again if a touch breezy.

My husband has been busy with the garden furniture sanding it down and giving it a coat of oil and hasn't it come up a treat? The photo below shows before and after, I think the after chair on the right looks like new.

We have also been to Wickes and bought slabs, sand etc. to do a bit of hard landscaping in our garden. (see the blue tarpaulin in the corner of the above photo) That area is going to be paved and will give us more room to put out our table and chairs. It was heavy work carting 20 slabs and bags of sand from the front garden where they were delivered, to the back garden where they are to be laid. Good job Kris is big enough to help now.

This next photo is of some Craft Robo cut letters which I managed to weld together!!!! I am really proud of myself (psst! but don't ask me to tell you how I did it hahaha) it took me all afternoon to do though and my brain was very frazzled by the end of it.

I will try again when I have relaxed a while - maybe that will be a job for the next Bank Holiday weekend. hahaha

tar rah x


Janice said...

Chair looks great. Well done Sunj. Looking forward to seeing your patio develop.

Well done on the welding too, I'm sure it will be worthwhile when you have mastered it.

Net said...

Er. ae? I'm intrigued what you're going to make with those Tracey ;))

Send Sunj up here - I've got some garden furniture that could do with his touch!

Caroline said...

Good for you Tracey - well done on the welded word...x

Your photo reminds me that I really need to varnish my garden furniture too!

Hazel said...

well done that you mastered it, Tracey x

Gez said...

Great job by Sunj.

Love your letters. How clever are you! xxx