Sunday, 22 May 2011

Masks and Journalling

I bought some fantastic new masks from Tando Creative last week online at Bubbly Funk. I couldn't wait to try them so got my inks out last night and created this page in my journal.

I used the cogs masks and thought about with cogs whirling around in my brain! I used various spray inks and the images are from my October 2008 Elle magazine (still going strong and plenty of images left!!)
I bit deep for me this page and I'm not going to explain the meanings behind the images or words I just wanted you to see that the masks work really well and are cut clearly and are very sturdy and easy to clean (thank goodness as I did use alot of ink!)


Karen said...

WOW Tracey...what an excellent piece of art work my lovely!!!!! xxx

Hazel said...

I am in awe of your creativity and skill with this artwork - and I'm really beginning to think I need some of those masks x

Janice said...

Masks look great and journalling is all about 'deep' and not telling ;)

Gez said...

Great page Tracey.

Off to check out those masks.xx