Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh I do love a bit of recycling

This time I have recycled my Easter Tree. I've turned it into a Eurovision Tree hahaha. We always watch the competition and have drinks and food from around Europe all very yummy.

Not surprisingly United Kingdom didn't win but 100 points is better than we have done in recent years. I did think Blue did very well but as we couldn't vote for our own country we voted for the next song/performance that we enjoy and that was Moldova.

I loved the crazy lyrics of there song "So Lucky" and the comical hats made for a great entry so no wonder they came fourth. You got to love Eurovision. :)


Patti said...

LOVE IT!!!! I am recycling MY Easter tree, and it is going to be... 'summery' SO totally excited about it! Hope you will stop by and see it when it is done... tis my next project, now that you have inspired me! = )

Alix said...

Love your Eurovision Tree! I watched the latter part of the singing and the first half of the voting and then went to bed like a sulky child when I realised we weren't going to win!

Caroline said...

Love your tree! and I love the idea of eating food from around the world - will have to remember that for next year...x

Janice said...

Ha ha, I missed this post. Love your little Euro-tree and I obviously missed the KKK with those hats!!!

Gez said...


You are soooooo CLEVER.XXX