Saturday, 25 July 2009


Gawd you lot are not very patient are you? lol Couldn't photograph the beads yesterday as it didn't stop raining. I have done it this afternoon though.

Anyways here are my purchases from Creative Beadcraft.To list them :
Olive Swarovski crystals
Olive flat-backed gems
two vials of two different green seed beads
orange leather thread
two pewter acorn charms
two packets of bead findings
a thread cutter {which I'm going to use to distress paper}
100 Olivine glass beads
100 red wooden beads
50 large green wooden beads

The reason for so many green beads is not only do I love green lol but my neice wants me to design her wedding invitations and I was thinking of using beads on them so the more beads I have the more I can experiment - well that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. tee hee.

Not only did the shop have some gorgeous beads they put them in this glorious patterned plastic bag, now that is just crying out to be used in an altered project in some way isn't it?
Right folks thanks for looking. x


Angelnorth said...

Mmmm, lovely haul! I'm seeing Christmas decoration possibilities with those wooden ones and all the sparkly greens are gorgeous, fab stuff!

Carol said...

totally gorgeous - that bag is scrummy tooo....can't wait to see what you come up with xx

Kaz said...

ooooooooo those wooden beads are to die for Tracey. You did really well there. And how fab is that bag?!! You need a return visit to get another one.

Janice said...

Lovely beads and a great bag, look forward to you showing off what you made with that!

Karen said...

oooo I love that colour green Tracey!!! You have got a lovely selection there XXX

Gez said...

Mmm, you have good taste Tracey. :-D

What a great idea with your thread cutter!! Will have to search for mine now!

Can't wait to see your makes.Gez.xx

Kathy said...

Fab collection there Tracey. Lucky Girlie