Friday, 24 July 2009

shopping, shopping and more shopping

phew! am I tired?

Today I have visited Oxford Street, London with my daughter to take her shopping at Top Shop on her birthday "shopping spree". To tell you the truth I thought the day was going to be a dissappointment but I was pleasantly surprised - I really enjoyed myself. :)

As part of Kat's birthday present we bought her a Top Shop Shopping Spree which gave her her own personal shopper and lunch. The personal shopper asked lots of questions and then went out onto the shop floor - and Oxford Street is their flag ship store and is huge so rather her than me. lol she came back with a rail of items for Kat to try on - all the while I was sitting on a rather comfy sofa in air conditioned luxury drinking chill water - perfect.

There was no time limit or pressure to buy all or infact any of the items picked for her although Kat did choose five lovely items. Then it was time for lunch. I thought this would be a bit of a let down but we were shown to the cafe and were asked to choose anything we liked to the value of £15. Of course we chose what we wanted and had some money left over so picked some Sushi to try tee hee - well you have to spend all the money don't you?

Then it was my turn to shop and I visited the lovely Beadcraft shop on Beak Street and came out £33 lighter eek but with some fantastic beads. By the end of that we were both very tired and headed off home. A successful and pleasant day spent with my lovely daughter.

Thanks for a wonderful day Kat. x x


Angelnorth said...

Awww, glad you both enjoyed your day! Gosh, haven't had sushi in ages, hope you enjoyed it! Do we get to see pics of the beds, then? :haha:

Kaz said...

Aaaww it sounds like a lovely day. Glad you had a good time together.

Gez said...

Awe Tracey BIG ((hugs)) glad you both had fun...xx

We NEED to see your beads.......please. :-D

Karen said...

Awe I love those sort of days with my daughter!!! We really NEED to see the beads tho XXX

Carol said...

Aw Tracey I'm so glad that you had a great day - not sure about the sushi tho'!!

NEED to see the beads tho' girlie xx

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to Kat - how lovely for you two to spend such a happy day together - and what a great present for her. I bet she picked up lots of tips about things that suited her, too.
Will await the bead haul photos then....

Janice said...

Never mind the beads, I want to see pics of Kat in her new togs!

Glad you had a good day XXX