Tuesday, 28 July 2009

what a mess!

I have decided to tidy my craft area. It was on my summer holiday list of jobs to do so I have said that "today is the day!!"

I have taken some photos so you can see exactly what sort of mess I usually work in and this is in my bedroom!! Please excuse the awful curtains I haven't got round to getting new ones since we decorated the room last year. Shocking I know.These are my wooden Ikea storage boxes full of gorgeous wonders but not very accessable as the drawers can't open fully - this is where I need to reorganise my desk area lots.

This the my desk area and between my glasses case and my mouse mat is usually all the space I have to work in. Shameful isn't it? lol

This is the floor - can you see the gap of carpet space? This allows me space to open my window. lolWell I hope it won't be too long before I can show you the improvements I have made to my room and craft area in general. Don't be too cruel with your comments hahahaha.


Kaz said...

I think I can wait until Thursday Tracey, but I have to say I think I may have spotted them in one of your photos!!

You deserve a medal for making such lovely stuff in a tiny area hun! Looking forward to seeing the 'after' shots now.

Angelnorth said...

I think I could give you a run for your money on mess stakes! I didn't take any "before" shots though so my afters wouldn't say too much! Best of luck, hope you end up with a really fab and usable space!

Karen said...

er....mine looks like this!!!!! XXX

Marjanne said...

My place is even worse... Are you going to show us photos of "After"?

Gez said...

Looks fab to me Tracey. I bet you know just where everything is. I'd love a look through your drawers!!! Little ones from Ikea. hehe! Good Luck with your mamoth task. Can't wait to see the afters. Gez.xx

Net said...

I think it looks quite tidy!