Sunday, 26 July 2009

Oh me oh my!

I have just gone for my regular visit to Emily Falconbridge's gorgeous blog and checked out how many of the 52Q I have to catch up on ................. the answer is NINE how did I get soooooo far behind?

You can tell what I will be putting near the top of my craft list can't you? lol


Janice said...

Don't know what you are worried about I still haven't finished the cards that were supposed to be done in January lol!

Angelnorth said...

Hey, it's supposed to be fun, not an obligation! Do them if you want to, have a slightly short deck if you don't is what I say :o) Hope you get time if you want to do them!

Gez said...

Awe, don't worry be happy...xx

Now its going to bug me till I remember what film thats sung in!!!!rofl.xx

Karen said...

Awe your own time my lovely XXX