Saturday, 2 January 2010

More of those 52Qs tee hee

Two more finished and ready to share with you.

Number 43

and Number 44
I created the background to the back of tag 44 using spray inks by Sticky Fingers way back in the summer. When I saw the splodges left behind I knew I had to turn them into "friendly monsters" haha they fit with this tag as making decisions is very scary for me - probably why I don't make many lol.

Thanks for stopping by off to take down some more Christmas decorations. If I do it in stages the room doesn't seem so bare. All the tinsel went yesterday today it will be the tree and the cards the following few days.


Net said...

I love the monsters on your last one Tracey oh and the chocs on the first!

tracy said...

more great tags :)
i love the little monsters :) might have to try that one :)

Janice said...

Looking good Tracey. LIke the glimmer mist effect.

Suzie said...

Ooooh gorgeous Tracey! Love number 44 particularly!

Sharon said...

cute monsters! Fab idea too.

Karen said...

hee hee love your doodles and your decision making !!! XXX

Kaz said...

Those splodges are fab doodled Tracey, they are so you!
Lovely tags, I have admiration for the fact you kept going xx