Thursday, 7 January 2010

Playing catch up

Morning all you people in blogland. Very snowy and crisp here this morning. With the sun shining through the window it looks lovely out there from the cosiness of my centrally heated house. haha.

I have been busy trying to catch up with my 52Q challenge and am now up to 50 although I can only show you up to 49 as I haven't photographed 50 yet.

I've made the photos small but if you click on them I think (fingers crossed) it makes them a little bigger.

So here goes

number 45

number 46

number 47

number 48


number 49

I have tried to make each tag a little different from the others which would have been easier had I done the challenges when each week's prompt was issued but as I fell behind and was doing them at the same time I feel that they are very similar.

Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog hope to see you again soon.

Oh, and by the way the other eye fell off Kat's snowman last night - he will need fixing later. :)


Sharon said...

love number 48 but 46 made me chuckle. ...x

Di said...

Oh these look fab Tracey. I bet you're chuffed to bits to have nearly completed them x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

looking fabulous :)

Hazel said...

Beautiful crafting - I love those little scrolls on 45 x

Karen said...

ooo smarty pants hahaha Seriously tho, well done on nearly finishing these my lovely, they look fab! XXX

Linda Elbourne said...

These are beautiful ... so many different elements ... great job!

Kaz said...

Those are lovely Tracey. I love the one with the words over the circles xx

Janice said...

These are great. Aw Sunj is a sweetie, that was a lovely tag.

Queenie said...

Amazing Tracey beautiful glad i am not alone in leaving evrything to the last minute ...i always start with good intentions then arghhhh rush rush rush.