Thursday, 7 January 2010

snow fun

Another day off school for me today so I decided to fix Kat's snowman. All better now aaaah!Not to be outdone I decided to have a go at building a snowman with the help of Kristian. This is what we came up with.
Not as impressive as Gez's - how did you make him so tall? He is very friendly as you can see. and didn't mind posing for photos. tee hee.

This is Kris about to throw that snowball out in the playing field behind our house.We have another day off tomorrow just had a text message from my head teacher. Looks like a long weekend yippee!

Thanks for stopping by. x


Karen said...

hee hee love the spiky hair!!! mmmm.....Kris looks very angelic...who got the snowball??? XXX

Kaz said...

Love your snowman Tracey, he looks very friendly. Whoo for tomorrow off xxx

Di said...

Ha ha, what fabby snowmen Tracey x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

awww sooo cute (no1) and love the fun and funky no......I can hear Cilla Black and Blind Date in my head now for some reason lol

Janice said...

That's fab. You do realise that you have made Great Uncle Bulgaria with that tartan shawl - ha ha ha! Twiggy looks good too.

Sharon said...

I love both your snowmen but had to giggle at Janice's Twiggy and Uncle Bulgaria comment on the BF forum LOL

Queenie said...

lol loving the funky snowman!!!
Woohooo enjoy your long weekend....lucky you have fun.

Gez said...

awe, your snowmen are BRILLIANT Tracey. Well Done...xx

On my sidebar I thought Kat's snowman looked like the honey monster!!hehe

Enjoy your extra l o n g weekend.XXX

tracy said...

i love your snowmans funky hair do :)